Tips to choose the right web design company in Cochin Kerala for your business website

Stuck with web designing? Need a web design company to assist? Here are some tips to choose the right web design company for your business website.


  • Business Goals- You have to very clear with your business goals. Without clear ambition, you are going to be absolutely clueless when it comes to what to put up in your website and what not.
  • Target Customers- The inevitable and the most important part of your business ecosystem is your customers. You have to be as clear as water in order to know who your customers are, what they want and how you deliver it to them.
  • Budget- One has to estimate the budget to be invested into web designing before starting to search companies to do your website. With a certain budget, you can be certain about the standards offered from the other side of the table.

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  • Searching the Right company: Now here comes the common difficulty and major pitfall. People usually go for the cheapest company and end up getting low quality work. This does not explicitly mean if you pay more, you get better quality. All you have to do is to thoroughly research and enquire before starting to plan on investing.
  • Budget to Value Ratio: The value and the quality of web design you get must never be compromised. And thus the money you put in must reflect in terms of a good quality web design.
  • History- Once you go in search of companies, you have to always keep in mind one important thing. i.e. to search about the companies track record. You must always go for an experienced company with a good rating. Only experience or only good rating are mutually exclusively harmful for your business.
  • Enquire- To become aware fully of a web design company, communication is the key. You have to communicate, interact and ask numerous questions and the satisfaction to their answer will partly determine your interest in investing into that web design company.


  • Be Particular about search engine optimisation. A lot of companies in web design can actually be very good at designing but might fail to understand the neurology of computer networking. If your website is not going to be optimised for search engine, it is not better than having no website at all.

Be very clear about the aforementioned steps and choose the right website designing company cochin Kerala. That will help to avoid the headaches on design works.



Web designing plays a vital role in e-commerce because today it is a big source of earning online. It is the best way to enhance your business, promote your products around the globe that is why in today’s world e-commerce market become so competitive. The website has attached to many aspects of our daily such as education, transport, healthcare, employment, medical, diet and much more. Due to the website, we can receive as well as share information, hence it is important to create efficient web pages which provide effective information so that more customers attract to your website.


Web designing is the process of creating and designing websites. Nowadays, web designing become a popular activity because it is a great source of earning online. But, it is not an easy job to get a successful career in this subject.

Whenever you are going to create a website, it is important to follow the web standard developed by the W3C (World Wide Web consortium). If you did not follow these standards while creating a website that your website looks like erroneous and finally loses its desired goal to attract the web users. If you follow the web standards while creating a website then your website will be

  • Easier to maintain and easier to update.
  • Faster Loading time
  • Time effective and cost effective
  • Lower maintenance cost

Unfortunately, many people develop simple websites to provide information, to entertain or to make the profit; they didn’t understand it and create simple web pages which cannot satisfy the visitors. So if you want to become a professional web designer and want a successful career in web designing then you need to consider the following points while creating a website.

  • Your website must have active navigation so that maximum web users, attracts toward your site.
  • The production of your business must be demonstrated in a way that the users get their required result.
  • Your website should not provide useless information.
  • The test placed on your website should be readable by all users.
  • The point of contact on your website should be visible by all web users.

Presentation of any website is the fundamental factor that’s why always use the good color combination and the content of your website should be accessible to everyone so that many customers attract to your business. Develop your website in a manner that the users get their desired information and your website achieve high-level usability and accessibility, if you fulfill the user’s requirements, then it means that you will have a successful career in web designing.


According to you if you are a professional web designer then take a step toward the freelancing world because freelancing is an interesting professional you can earn money online while working at home. There is no need of education or experience required if you have true skills about this subject. If you are running a business at your doorstep or in a street, you can sell your products around the globe so in this way, you can promote your business throughout the world.

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WordPress software: a brief overview, its history, and future scope

WordPress refers to web publishing software. It can be effectively utilized in creating a blog or website. One may have heard the phrase content management system. WordPress is used to manage online content. Moreover, it is installed on a server. It is used on a prominent number of sites. According to recent industry trends, WordPress have toppled other software to establish itself as the most sought after blogging tool. Over the last few decades, many people have worked in partnership so that they could develop this free software which has extensive capabilities.


The early years of WordPress:WordPress is an entirely dedicated content management system that has extensive capabilities not only in the world of blogging but also is powerful enough to perform other functions. Many web experts are of the opinion that WordPress has also succeeded the blogging tool that has been created by a French programmer. However, in the year 2002, the French developer stopped developing the advanced version of the software. On the flip side, in the subsequent year 2003, Matt Mullenweg who was a university fresher and was using the blogging software developed by the French programmer wrote on his blog that he would create an advanced version of the software with another guy named Mike Little. As a result, Mullenweg and Little created the first text of the software and called it WordPress.

Working ways of WordPress: Since the inception of the internet, websites have been programmed in HTML. HTML is an acronym for Hypertext Markup Language. It is a programming language that mainly utilizes the instructions in the form of tags so that it can format page layouts, images, and text. The web browser usually reads the code in HTML. In the following process, it interprets these tags so that the content of a particular web page can be displayed. However, in recent years with the development of WordPress, one can install this software on their web server. The installation time takes five minutes. Once the software is installed, one can utilize a web-based editor for creating web pages. Hence, a person does not have to learn HTML to create web pages. One can do it with the help of WordPress.


Features in WordPress:The first version of WordPress that supported plugins was version 1.2. It was released in May 2004. However, in the subsequent year, the company decided to add themes that would look appealing on a web page. Many of these topics are developed by the users of WordPress, and the company encourages them to build ideas to make the software more applicable and appealing. The newer version of WordPress namely version 2.1 included another feature rich user interface. It could auto save and auto edit the documents. The more original version was an instant hit among many individuals.

The future scope of WordPress:According to latest web reports, WordPress nowadays powers over 19% of million sites. Also, they have the unique prestige to power many top websites. Moreover, if the websites are converted into numbers, it supports a large 90 million sites. Hence, the future of WordPress looks bright and prosperous.

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